Maxim Citylight Downtown Urban

In our first ever collaboration with Maxim Holdings, Build Easy sought to provide ready made design templates, designed specifically to ease the burden on first time home owners and investors who were picking up their keys for the first time. The experience of a home renovation can be a daunting one for various reasons. Contractors have a bad rep for charging exorbitant prices, while quality of work is another concern. And of course, time is always the most valuable commodity that no one can afford to part with. In order to assist both first-time homeowners and investors alike, we were engaged by the developer to design ready-made themes for their units, that were warm and cozy, but practical at the same time. We were fortunate enough that the developer offered to sponsor 2 show units for us to showcase! It allowed us an opportunity to display our designs, as well as to educate the Maxim Citylights home buyers on the renovation process. Warm, cozy, inviting - Step into a light and airy home with familiar timber hues, enlivened by refreshing splashes of colour. They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, so we say be bold, paint it green - A harmonious complement to the otherwise white-and-wood ensemble, and the perfect backdrop for good times over good meals.

Kuala Lumpur , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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