We are here to answer all your questions! Browse through our frequently asked questions below if you haven’t found all the information you are looking for on the website. If you need more answers, chat to us on, we would love to hear from you!

What is BuildEasy?

Build Easy is an online platform that connects interior designers to homeowners like you! We’re here to design your dream home - one room at a time.

How long does a typical design project take?

The typical length of a project is 10 days, but that is subject to you confirming the design with the designer. The maximum allocated time for a standard project is 2 weeks.

Why should I renovate with BuildEasy?

Because you can sit back and leave everything to us! We also have access to some pretty awesome vendors, that work exclusively with interior designers, so you might not be able to access them on your own!

How does BuildEasy Reno work?

It’s simple! If you have used our online interior design services, you’ll have the option to renovate with BE Reno after you receive your final designs. Our project team will send you a quotation & fill up your cart with materials and furnitures according to your design. You can choose and purchase any of the items & services. Then our project managers will take care of the rest!

How much of a time commitment is on my part?

The design process takes 10 days, so be as involved as you can to avoid any delays! You can give your ideas & feedback's to your designer as often as you would like, but always remember to keep the designer updated in order for him/her to be able to meet the deadlines. If you are in rush do let us know and we will try our best to get it done faster.

What am I paying for exactly ?

Buildeasy offers design services for a flat fee per room. Depending on the package you choose (Retrofit or Signature), your fee covers online consultation, floor plan, concept board, two revisions, material and finishes selection. Besides that, you get the chance to pick the designer of your choice!

What constitutes an additional revision?

The free revisions we include in our packages include items such as change of built-in furniture design, change of furniture selection and colours. Keep the designer informed on your style and expectation to avoid additional revisions.

Does Buildeasy offer packages for commercial project?

Our current packages are catered to residential, but we do renovation for commercial projects as well! Contact us on for more information on our renovation projects.

What kind of materials and furniture do you source?

We use a mix of retailers and wholesalers to make sure that we can design for all types of tastes, preferences, and budgets. We’ve sourced some of the best vendors and service providers in town and work closely with them to deliver the best to you!

How do i start my project?

Choose your style by filling out the design quiz, thereafter let us know more about your space by filling out some of the questions. You will then be able to choose your package, browse through our design themes or choose your own personal designer. Don’t forget to sign-up and make the payment to be able to launch your project!

What happens once I have launched my project?

Once your project has been launched, your designer will browse through your brief and then contact you through your dashboard. Your designer will discuss your requirements, confirm your style and colour schemes. He/she will then deliver the design within the stipulated time, while keeping you updated throughout the process!

What if I'm not happy with the final design?

If you are not happy with the final design, we will do our best to replace the designer with someone more suited to you. Most importantly, we really want to encourage you to let us know you’re unhappy early, that way we have some time to problem solve and find you the designer that will make your dream home come true. If you want a refund after you’ve completed your entire project, we ask that you notify us within 3 business days of Design Delivery.

What about refunds?

Refunds are subject to approval, therefore please do contact us on within the first 30 days letting us know why you are unsatisfied with our services and we will work to resolve your questions or issues.