The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom


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Rooms: The Master bedroom


Let’s talk about one of the most important rooms in a home… The Master Bedroom!


You can’t deny how vital this room is. Just think about how many hours you spend living and sleeping in your bedroom, most likely, you spend majority of your time in this room. You start and end your day in the master bedroom, so having the right design and feel of this space makes all the difference!

Learning to balance between beauty and comfort in this room might sound challenging, but this is when we step up and help you along the way.


First things first.. Your master bedrooms colour scheme


 Make sure you choose the right colour scheme, as this will affect the overall feel of the entire space. It will set the right mood in the space, and with that in mind, neutral colours allow for the most flexibility in a space, allowing you to change the design of the overall space whenever you wish to.

 The most important item in your room: The Bed!


You spend most of your time sleeping in your bed, so this is the time to make the right investment - your mattress! Not every mattress works for everyone, so you need to take your time choosing the right one. Not only is it important to choose the right mattress, but make sure you choose the right bed to hold your new mattress.

 Next item: Storage, storage and then more storage!



Not only will storage give your room a new look, but it will help you re organise your whole room. Your Masterbedroom will be filled with all kinds of items such as clothes, accessories, shoes and many more! Some are able to have a walk-in-closet, while in other cases you have to be more creative with your storage solutions.


Last (but not least), The finishing touches


This item comes down to personal choice. The finishing touches are items such as decor, rugs, reading corner, wall art and many more others! You need to consider the items that you feel you need to add into your bedroom, because these are the items that will make your room feel… complete!


Do you feel like you are ready to renovate your Master bedroom, but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! Check out our previous works here, and get ready to start your design journey!