5 things Malaysians need in their homes

5 things Malaysians need in their homes

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Being a multicultural country, we as designers have seen how Malaysians not only celebrate the fusion of cultures, cuisine, and traditions but also embrace the ever-changing global architectural and design trends and blended them with their local traditions.
Having worked on multiple projects, here are some of the things that we have noticed most Malaysian homes need;

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This is the numero uno thing that most of our clients ask about. We found that this is mostly requested by ladies who have a lot of items that they need to store.  Having a clever storage system can help minimize clutter, congestion and keep your house organized. Extra storage space can be added to your bed, wall mounted cabinets and shelves.


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Lighting is a very important aspect for a home, as it plays a huge role in the mood and ambiance of the space.  Whether it's for yourself, family or guests, getting the lighting right depending on the occasion can make a dinner more intimate, the party more fun or the room perfect and soothing, for your children to fall asleep in.

3.Space maximisation
Homes are getting smaller and this has created the need for creativity in terms of space maximization. Clients want to get the most out of their space, and this is where a lot of inspiration comes from the Japanese designs, as they are experts in maximising the smallest of spaces.


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The feel and look of the space is very important. We noticed a few common styles where clients are more inclined to go for more minimalistic, contemporary and Scandinavian styles. This usually plays with neutral colours such grey, brown and white tones.


The kitchen is one of the most important and can be the most expensive part of the house. Specifically, for families who love cooking at home; it is a very personal thing. In Malaysia, it is very common thing to find a house that has both a dry and wet kitchen, because this separation makes all the difference.

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