10 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colours for your Home

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colours for your Home

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So many of us are afraid of using colour and really struggle when it comes to choosing the right shade. This is one of the biggest decisions to make when renovating your home, so take a deep breathe and let us help you. Below are ten ways to help you pick your perfect shade.

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Think about how you will use the space
The first step to choosing the right colour for your home, think about the space and you plan on using it. Each room with a have a different atmosphere, for example, your kitchen will be fresh, clean and vibrant while your bedroom will have more of a calm, relaxed mood. 
2. Use art as a source of inspiration
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Painting a home that already has furniture and decorative items will be easier, as you can use these as inspiration for choosing the right colour your walls. One way is to use a piece of art that you have hung in the room, look at the colours in that art work and choose a matching colour. This will make your space more complete and is a great way to match everything back together. 
3. Paint that Ceiling

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Although not conventional, painting your ceiling can change the way a space is viewed. You can lower a high ceiling by painting it a darker tone, similarly, you can make a ceiling feel higher with a lighter tone.

4. Feature Walls

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When painting a room, consider having 1 wall with a different colour as the main feature. The whole room can change completely by doing this. Add a contrasting colour, or a darker tone to create a bigger impact. 

5. Decorate From Dark to Light

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A designers tip is go from darker to lighter tones in your space. Starting from dark flooring, medium colours on your wall and light tones on the ceiling. This is a risk-free method that designers swear by. 

6. Go With Greys

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What’s the trendiest colour right now? Yup, its grey. If you’re going for a less risky move, go for grey. You can match it with almost every colour and it can appear to be a warm and cool colour depending on your space. 

7. Make Small Spaces Pop

Small rooms are usually the last room people think to paint. Mainly because leaving it in white paint makes it seem bigger. But why not be brave and give it more of a ‘’wow’’ look with an outstanding paint selection!

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8. Contrast Warm and Cool

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Are you bored of neutral spaces? Well, we’re here to tell you that you should go bold! Pairing warm and cool colours can change up a space completely. One example is the matching of this cool grey tone on the wall with touches of warm mustard tones. 

9. Pull Your Paint Color From a Print
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One of the easiest ways to choose interior paint color is to start with a print fabric. Throw pillows, bedding, and even table linens can provide you with paint color ideas. If you're creating an accent wall, look to the boldest colors in the print. From our latest project in Cybersquare, this bedroom feature wall colour was taken from the throw pillow prints. It completes this otherwise neutral space!

10. Don’t be afraid of dark colours
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People assume that painting a room dark will make it feel small, but it can actually have a complete opposite effect. Dark colours can be considered neutral tones, which is the perfect background for hanging art. It also goes well with a patterns space, whether your furniture has patterns, or throws and quilt. So, don’t be afraid!

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