What is an Interior design Moodboard?

What is an Interior design Moodboard?

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Moodboards: A common word used by interior designers everyday. But do you really know what is a moodboard?


Before starting up a project, a designer will offer to create a moodboard for you, before the actual design of your space. As words fail designers when they try to explain things, moodboards play a huge role in transferring this information. Moodboards are extremely vital specifically in the beginning of a project and during this stage, the feedback from the client is very important. It gives you a clear vision and understanding of the design. Interior design moodboards will have images of different furniture, materials, and even colours that match the style of your home.

 It’s important to remember that moodboards do not translate to what you will get exactly in the final outcome of the design of your space, rather look at it as an overall mood and feel of your space! Moodboards are a great tool that will help you visualise things better

 Now that you know why they are so useful, here are few tips on how to create your own moodboard:  

Think about your home. Think about how you would like to feel in the one place that makes you comfortable. Start collecting different images that translate all the feelings above. It might sound little difficult, but with time it gets easier. Don’t forget to go through different website to find a variety ranges of photos.

Another way to create a moodboard is by sourcing different furniture or accessory shops, taking the pictures of items that you love and then compiling them together. It’s a fun and inspirational thing to work on, and it will all make sense once you put everything together. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so just imagine what a moodboard can say!

Here is a sample moodboard that BuildEasy does!




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