The Guide You Need - 6 Popular Interior Design Styles

The Guide You Need - 6 Popular Interior Design Styles

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A significant challenge many of our clients face is a lack of understanding or vocabulary to describe and define their personal interior design style. With so many unique design styles available, it can be a challenge determining which style suits you the most. A great way to start with an interior design project is to learn bit about each of the main styles and how they are different from each other. 

The below 6 types of styles are the most popular and known styles at the moment. Follow our guide to the top interior design styles and get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Modern

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The word modern is a term used very commonly around the world. In design terms, it means a home with clean line, simple colour tones and using materials such as glass and metal. There is an element of simplicity even in the furniture chosen. Less clutter and sleek, is what it really means. 

2. Contemporary 

Contemporary style is the interior design aesthetic which is presently popular at any given time. The current look is best described as luxury modern
The contemporary interior style is current, modern, and constantly evolving.

3. Minimalist

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Minimalism is the real definition of simple design. It was influenced by japanese design, using the common principle ‘’less is more’’. The main colours that are the best for a minimalist home are black, white and primary colours. Functional and ultra clean line is most commonly what minimalism is. 

4. Industrial

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Industrial interior design is about unfinished raw and exposed materials. The most common elements used currently are the exposed brick, exposed ceiling with visible wiring, wood elements, and brass.

This trend is currently very trendy among cafes and coffee shops in Malaysia. It creates a very instagrammable environment, which is a way for the cafe owners to attract more customers. 

5. Scandinavian
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When you hear the word scandi, you automatically think IKEA right? But it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that IKEA defines scandi. Scandinavian style is a combination of simple, contemporary with playful accent colours and elements of organic materials. 

This is a very common and trendy design in Malaysia right now, partly because of how clean and simple it is, partly because if done right, it can be very affordable. 

6. Traditional 
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Traditional style works for any age group, it’s all up to you on how you can make your home classic, calm and timeless. This style’s element are detailed woodwork, carved moldings, crafty furniture and deep colours. It’s all about the balance of all these features giving your space a level up in sophistication, symmetry and comfort. 

Now that you know the most common design styles, what do you think is your style? Let us know below!

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