Six Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Six Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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by Tamara

Being in the renovation world all this time, we have seen a fair number of mistakes being made. Some are big, some are small, but they all share a common thing: they didn’t need to happen. 

Learning from the mistakes of past project, knowing what to do—or most importantly, what NOT to do—when you renovate your home will ensure your time and money are put to good use rather than down the drain. Here are 6 common home renovation mistakes to avoid:


#1 Having an unrealistic budget



By “unrealistic”, we mean one that doesn’t allow for wiggle room. Costs are not set in stone, and may vary according to the scope, complexity and quality of a particular project. A general rule would be to calculate the financial resources you are willing to allocate, and then bump it up by 10 percent for the inevitable surprises.



#2 Hiring the wrong people



Though it may be difficult to resist, a cheap estimate should prompt a couple of red flags. More often than not, the contractor either simply wants to secure your business before his competitors do; or has failed to account for the peripheral expenses of a remodel. Look past rates and instead focus on character traits. 


#3 Underestimating time



Always assume a renovation will take twice as long as the contractor said it would. This isn’t a matter of empty promises—life just manages to get in the way. 


#4 Forgetting functionality

A home should be as practical as it is beautiful. It is so easy to get caught up in cabinetry and layouts that you lose sight of utilities. 


#5 Being Indecisive

Once a project has started, try your best to be decisive. Installing a new power socket halfway through a kitchen renovation might not seem like a big deal, but could lead to massive rewiring and even more charges. 


#6 Neglecting the future



Unless you’ve planned to never move out, you should think through the long-term worth of your project and how it will affect your home’s resale value. Not all investments are guaranteed to increase the asking price on your house, so put in hours of research beforehand. 


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