8 Tips to Designing the Perfect Guest Bedroom

8 Tips to Designing the Perfect Guest Bedroom


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The guest bedroom is the perfect way to welcome friends and family into your home, unfortunately many of us fail to take care of the room, and use it as storage. 

If you are ready to change things up and turn the guest bedroom into a comfortable, welcoming and warm space, continue reading for tips and tricks on how to do just that!

1. Art work
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A tip to making a guest bedroom look more complete is to include artwork in the space. You can add it above the bed, or at any empty wall in the room, just make sure you don’t do two gallery walls in the same room! 

2. Cozy corner

If your guest bedroom has the space or have a corner you’re unsure what to do with, try adding an armchair or a comfortable chair. These little cozy corners will allow guest to hang out in the room and enjoy themselves while reading a book or even putting their shoes on. 

3. The bed
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The bed is the most important part of the entire guest bedroom. No matter what kind of setup you have, whether its a king, queen or twin beds, the most important thing is to make the bed feel as luxe as possible. With that being said, replacing the queen bed with two twin beds is becoming a very trendy choice right now. It makes the room look bigger and allows the layout plan to be more adaptable. 

4. Bed styling
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5. Feature wall
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If you have an extra budget to play with, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something bold in your guest bedroom, like a bright color or a fun wallpaper. You can keep the rest of your space simple and neutral, letting the feature wall stand out by itself. 

6. Bedside lighting

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Always try to make sure you have some sort of bedside lighting available, allowing your guest to read a book and finish off some work before going to sleep. 

7. Dressing table or Desk
You know those little touches that help make a guest feel at home? Well adding a dressing table or desk is just the right thing for them. The table itself can be multifunctional, and will allow the guest to use however needed. 

8. Storage
Storage space is always appreciated when you're staying at someone's house, so try to empty the closets and drawer dressers for the guest to be able to empty their bags and feel more at home. 

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