6 Interior Design Ideas To Try While You're Stuck At Home

6 Interior Design Ideas To Try While You're Stuck At Home

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For those who are looking for a valuable way to spend their time while social distancing — or anyone else who is simply interested in forging a deeper connection with their homes — the upside of being holed up is that you may have time to kill. This means more time for dealing with a home makeover.

You may be having trouble with storage space, organization, or just a somewhat lame apartment design that needs to be upgraded. Look around your home for small tweaks to try, rather than binge-watching another Netflix Series.

Implement a minimalist approach

Do you know that less intricate designs do not cost as much? Why not consider interior decor styles that adopt minimalist ideas. Here’s some incentive. Bear in mind that by implementing Japanese, Scandinavian and industrial minimalist concepts, you could potentially save a whole lot of money. Who doesn’t like saving money, right? These interior design options prioritize clean, raw, reclaimed, reusable and less-is-more design concepts that can be both high-quality and low-cost.

Decorate your throw pillows

Whether you're tired of your current pillows or just need a refresh, it's a great way to paint your own throw pillows to give your bedroom the pop of colour it needs. Can't find the perfect pattern for your throw pillows? Look for some patterns in your room which match the exact colours. You can also opt to make them if you can't find them. With that being said, you can create the pillow of your dreams with a little bit of fabric paint.
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Explore and experiment with colours

More often than not, it is not the decor in the room that shapes the space, but rather the colour. Colour is a powerful tool for framing, and may even overshadow some of the room styles. Even if the influence of one partner is somewhat more apparent in a space, finding common ground regarding colour can still help everyone feel like they've won.

Apply tonal colours to small spaces

Opt for tonal colours or shades of that same colour to create a calming, soothing oasis. This can be the best approach when it comes to interior design for smaller spaces.
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Try bright and optical white as it can make every room feel bigger, clearer and bolder. Smaller spaces tend to appear dirtier faster so try and be sure that high traffic areas are dealt with well. A smaller space could highlight the wear and tear of everyday life.

Get creative with a gallery wall

You might have some pieces of art that were out of rotation, leaning against a wall on the floor or that have not been framed yet. Well, guess what? Now’s the time! Gather a stack of your personal favourites, clear up a large spot on the floor, spread them out and experiment until you find a composition that makes you happy. 

Making lines can help;  simply run a straight line with a piece of tape at the highest point from which they will hang and align the tops of the highest pieces along. You can do this at the bottom of your wall space in the gallery if you like. You can also vertically align a couple of pieces to create a pleasing arrangement.

Take time to get organized

Label your supplies - some labels can go a long way towards establishing a household that is more organised. Do you have storage bins or containers in your kitchen counter, under your bed, or in a wardrobe? If you do, get to work. Use a label maker or write and tape the labels on regular paper and mark them.

Even some of the most organized among us can have untidy closets. You can use the time spent cooped up at home to sort that out. First, begin by removing everything from the closet, then purge what is no longer in use. Lastly, clean up the interior.

Social distancing has probably worn many of us down by now. Try using your time indoors by keeping yourself occupied. Instead of looking at an eyesore, start organizing and decorating your home. Home is where the heart is, right? Where can you begin? Consider implementing minimalist interior designs for a little ‘zing’. You can also make smaller spaces appear larger in creative ways and add little details to your throw pillows.
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