5 Interior Design Resolutions for the New Year

5 Interior Design Resolutions for the New Year

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Hello 2019! New year, new you.

I’m sure you all go through the same thing every year, making new year resolutions to become a better person. But what about a new years resolution to help improve your home? 

We’ve come up with four easy-to-follow 2019 interior design resolutions that will help you greatly. You don’t have to tackle them all at once, but we suggest reading them over and choosing one or two to help give your home a fresh look for the new year without breaking the bank

1. Make a statement 
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One large, eye-catching statement piece can do a lot to change up a room. It could be items like a piece of wall art, a sizable mirror, or even a great area rug. The key here is to create visual interest. If you have one or more of the above elements on hand already, you can easily keep this project budget-friendly

2. Get organised
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What a better way to start a new year than get rid of the old? If you haven’t used it already, throw it away or donate it. As for the rest of your stuff? Store it in a more organised way so that it’s easily accessible. 

3. Buy Something New 

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New Year calls for new memories and new goals, why not give your home interior something new too! Buy a unique wall clock, some new artwork or a new feature light. It doesn’t have to be something major, just an add-on to complete your home. After all, your home needs a change too…

4. Bring nature home 
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House plants are the most obvious way to bring nature indoors, which you can do in almost every room. You just need to make sure you pick the right plants and there is enough sunlight in the room. 

5. Style it up
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The best way to add personality to your home is by adding styling. Add some accessories, throw pillows and wall art,

Are you ready to step up and change? Contact us and we can help you!  

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